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Trans-Tasman Travel Bubble

This morning New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern revealed that a Trans-Tasman Travel bubble was possible before Christmas.The possibility of an ANZ Travel Bubble between the two nations has been eagerly awaited for many long months as Kiwi's have longed to escape winter to the sunshine and warmth of their Aussie neighbor's across the ditch.The travel bubble would not only be a shot in the arm for the ailing tourism industry & Air New Zealand. It would also allow many families & friends the opportunity to re-unite with loved ones.Indications are that the bubble would initially only be one-way, allowing Kiwi's from the South Island to travel to NSW.It is hoped that soon afterwards, Are you looking forward to the prospect of travelling again or do you think this move is to soon?
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Buy a Flexishare Starter KitOne of the greatest features of the Flexiroam X Global Travel SIM solution is the ability for you to share your Data Plan with other members of you travel group via Flexishare.However introducing a new product is difficult to do, as people for some reason don't get as excited about Travel SIMs as we do.So, rather than bore you with FAQ's, guides & You Tube videos on how to use this cool feature, we thought we would go one better by Flexisharing data with you:Flexishare Starter Kits are the same in every way as our normal Starter Kits, but with one key difference:They include an extra 1,900 MB Data Plan!All in all there are 354 Data Plans available, but we expect the popular dates to sell out quickly, so get in quick!Questions
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