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Flexiroam X: Cancel Plan Feature

Flexiroam X: Cancel Data Plan Feature 

Just like the Low Cost Airlines, we run regular promotions on our Data Plans. We also offer standing discounts of up to 30% for those who purchase their Local Data Plans in advance.

This is great for getting the most GB for your buck, but what happens to your travel data if your plans change? You have a family emergency, or your flight is cancelled?

Given the events of 2020, we are all aware that travel plans can change quickly, but that doesn't mean you have to lose your flexibility.

Introducing the most ethical feature to appear in a Travel SIM:

Flexiroam X: Data Plan Cancellation

Enabling you to protect your travel budget by:
  • Helping you avoid buying SIM Cards, Add-Ons or Data Plans that end up going unused
  • Preventing you from buying more expensive plans at the last minute
  • Enabling you to buy additional Data Plans (just in case) simply buy an additional data plan with a start date later in your trip.

A Flexiroam Local Data Plan can be cancelled in the Flexiroam X App with just a few simple steps:

 1. Select 'View my plans' from the main menu screen

2. Scroll down to the Data Plan you wish to cancel

3. Click 'Cancel Plan'

4. Confirm you wish to cancel the plan by clicking 'Proceed'

5. Confirmation that your credit is safely back in your wallet

Please note that:

Plan cancellation applies to Local & Regional Data Plans only.

Plans cannot be cancelled once they have started (at 00:00 Local time on their start date) or after any data has been shared from the plan.


If you have any questions regarding this product feature please chat with us. Have you used the feature yourself? Have you got any travel tips? Please lew us know in the comments below.


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