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Skinny Overseas Roaming: Australia


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Great news, Skinny Overseas Roaming Add-Ons are available in Australia!

So, let's see how the value stack up against Flexiroam X.

Skinny Mobile - $10 NZD (3 Day Roam Pack) Vs Flexiroam (3 Day Local Data Plan)

Roaming PlanDataExpiryPrice (USD)CallsSMS
Skinny Mobile - Roam Pack500MB3 Days$6.70100 min100

Flexiroam Australia500MB3 Days$3.85OutgoingN/A

Flexiroam X is much cheaper for data when travelling to Australia.

If you are travelling with a companion or with family or in a group, Flexiroam has the advantage of enabling you to gift data to other Flexiroam users. You can obtain better value buying a larger Data Plan and sharing it amongst your travel group.

At the moment, it is unlikely anyone would be travelling across the ditch for just 3 days. Even though most travellers just want datas, Skinny has the convenience of included calls & texts.

For a tru comparison, tt is more appropriate to compare Skinny's (7 Day Roam Data Pack)

Skinny Mobile $15 NZD (7 Day Roam Data Pack) Vs Flexiroam (8 Day Australia Local Data Plan)

Roaming PlanDataExpiryPrice (USD)CallsSMS
Skinny Mobile - Roam Pack1GB7 Days$10N/AN/A

Flexiroam Australia1GB8 Days$7.35

3GB8 Days$24.52

Download our App or purchase a Free Starter Kit for further comparison.

If you require more data, or are staying for longer than a week Flexiroam X will present you with even greater savings.

Skinny Mobile $20 7 Day Roam Pack

Roaming PlanDataExpiryPrice (USD)CallsSMS
Skinny Mobile - Roam Pack1GB7 Days$13.39200 Mins200 Text

Flexiroam Australia1GB8 Days$7.35OutboundN/A

For an extended journey Skinny Mobile's Add On. With that said, Flexiroam X could be used in a complimentary manner with your Skinny Mobile SIM, if you wanted more data, or where travelling on to other destinations not included in Skinny's coverage.

If you are travelling with a companion or with family or in a group, Flexiroam has the advantage of being able to share data from your data plan.

More options.

Download our App or purchase a Free Starter Kit for further comparison.


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